IMPORTANT! Please read this measuring guidance carefully and don`t take the measurements out of your old boots or jodhpurs. Every manufacturer makes use of other lasts and stamps different measurements in the boots! Further the measurements are taken differently! 

Please take the time to check all measurements accurately and compare them with the declaration in the product description.

All measurements should be taken in the evening with breeches and socks on (which you are wear normally) because your foots and legs can be swell up across the day. Please ask a second person to help you. The calf circumference and all other measurements should be taken loose. The measure tap may not incise! Beside the height all other measurements should be taken while standing.

For a stock boot you only need the shoe size, the height of the shaft and the circumference of the calf.

1. The height

Please measure the height while seated and place your foots so that there is a right angle between your thigh and your lower leg. The height will has to be measured on the side of your leg from the bottom tot the middle of the knee cap (On the outside of the knee you will feel a big bone). The dropping of the boots of 1-2 cm is already included)! 
For a boot out of our size table you have to add 2 cm for a dressage bow of 6 cm.

2. The calf circumference

Please measure the widest part of you calf. Where you will find the widest part can be a little bit different.

3. The top

The top of the calf should be measured under the kneecap where the boots will end.
A lot of breeches buckle at this place. Please try to smooth the breeches as good as you can when you measure the top. Standard the top measurement is always 2 cm less than the calf.